…of telling people that I am not an artist,
that I am this thing or other,
so I finally gave in and became one.”

A cosmopolite who has lived for extended periods in the USA, Germany, Italy, and France, Aya Bluesman was born and bred in Latvia. The different cultural environments, various experiences and impressions have shaped her art and outlook on life.

Without the limitations of formal education in art, she has always followed her curiosity, daring to improvise with new techniques, forms, textures and mediums, always finding immense pleasure in the process and receiving positive feedback from her confidants and patrons alike.

Aya Bluesman does not stop at paintbrushes alone, wielding her pen and delivering spoken word vignettes and various performances on and off the stage.

With the increasing recognition of her acting and artwork, by late 2020 she finally admitted to herself that she is and will be an Artist, and art deities must be served with one’s body and soul.

2021 marked the year she took her first steps towards the limelight, producing a theatrical monologue – SYMPOSIUM – and launching DOPAMINE SPLASH experiences. In 2023 she produced her first short independent art film – LOOKING FOR JOIE DE VIVRE.

Both expressive and bold, Aya Bluesman experiments tirelessly with different mediums and herself, making her a versatile and universal artist and personality.


Veselīga Latvija intervija

Sevis realizācija un uzņēmējdarbība. Intervija ar Aya Bluesman.


Veselīga Latvija intervija

Rast bērnišķīgi patiesu prieku ikdienišķās lietās jeb Prieks – viena no svarīgākajām emocijām. Intervija ar Aya Bluesman.


Sarunas par Mīlestību

Saruna par mīlestību nepiespiestā gaisotnē pie tējas krūzes ar Artūru Jenotu.


Veselīga Latvija intervija

Dopamīns: viens no mūsu laimes hormoniem. Raksts par dopamīna nozīmi.



Aya Bluesman is not a prolific artist – her paintings are made with great diligence, and her performances are deeply personal. Curious enough, more often than not she finds inspiration when met with a particular request. Intriguing, isn’t it?

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